Forum on the Future of Manufacturing on March 4, 2015, Orchid Hall, Intercontinental Hotel, Seoul, Korea

The strong manufacturing sector is a foundation for the competitive economy and a source of decent jobs, and will ultimately lead to a sustainable economic growth. However, with shorter technology life cycles and less certain business environments, it becomes harder to plan appropriate strategies for improving the manufacturing sector. Specifically, in Korea, there have been ever increasing concerns for weakening industrial competitiveness therefore reducing the potential for growth. This calls for a national level consensus of upgrading the manufacturing sector and of preparing the economy for future challenges. Advanced countries including the United States and Germany also endeavor to find measures to improve future manufacturing. Recently, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States suggested the important concept of “Production in the Innovation Economy (PIE)�?, and published a report in 2013 titled, “Making in America.�? The German government proclaimed its initiative for “Industry 4.0�? which refers to the next-generation manufacturing combined with information technology. In this context, the College of Engineering at Seoul National University (SNU) invites distinguished scholars to the forum and shares the vision on the future of manufacturing in order to suggest initiatives for the Korean economy. This forum will provide an opportunity forthe key experts in this field to acknowledge together the importance of manufacturing and build a consensus on a strategic action agenda.




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