AutomationML Conference 2016: Program available

The 4th AutomationML user conference will take place from 18th to 19th of October 2016 in Esslingen (Germany) with the slogan: „Road to Industrie 4.0: AutomationML as Digital Enabler“

In recent years, the engineering processes of production systems are mainly focused when it comes to increasing the efficiency of the producing industry. Thereby, time and cost savings can be especially achieve by implementing more effective tool chains within a company as well as across companies. The 4th AutomationML user conference shows success stories, where AutomationML is already used productively or prototypically, guidelines about, how a successful implementation of AutomationML could look like, and gives ideas for future applications of AutomationML.
Experiences from industrial practice and current research efforts will be presented. You are cordially invited to present your topic at the conference which is expected to attract international representatives from industry, research, and academia.

Please find some more information and the links for registration at: .




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