Released: Companion Specification

„Briding the gap between communication and semantics for Industrie4.0“ is the title of press release about first Companion Specification “AutomationML for OPC UA�?. With the combination of AutomationML and OPC UA it is possible to communicate live and engineering data containing information about the status of a conveyor as well as about its abilities – the factory gets smarter. Furthermore, the OPC UA system configuration can be transferred to AutomationML models. These two use cases reduce manual engineering effort and provide new possibilities to deal with smart data e.g. for predictive maintenance or – in general – data analytics in the factory.

The AutomationML data format, developed by AutomationML e.V., standardised in IEC 62714, is an open, neutral, XML-based, and free data exchange format which enables a domain and company spanning transfer of engineering data of production systems in a heterogeneous engineering tool landscape. The goal of AutomationML is to interconnect engineering tools in their different disciplines, e.g. plant planning, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, process engineering, process control engineering, HMI development, PLC programming, robot programming.

The information model described in this companion standard allows to communicate and operationalise AutomationML by means of OPC UA.

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(source: OPC Foundation)




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