Anfang November hatte die OPC Foundation folgende Meldung veröffentlicht; zum Download gibt es jetzt noch eine kurze Übersicht dazu.

„The OPC Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of its new setup to identify OPC UA and related TSN-harmonization needs and extends OPC Foundation standards and specifications. The goal of this initiative is to deliver an open, cohesive approach to implement OPC UA including TSN and associated application profiles. This will advance the OPC Foundation providing vendor independent end-to-end interoperability into field level devices for all relevant industry automation use-cases. The OPC Foundation vision of becoming the worldwide industrial interoperability standard is advanced by integrating field devices and the shop floor.

A new set of working groups will identify, manage and standardize the OPC UA relevant topics focused on industrial automation including,

  • harmonization and standardization of application profiles e.g. IO, motion control, safety, system redundancy,
  • standardization of OPC UA information models for field level devices in offline e.g. device description and online e.g. diagnostics,
  • mapping of OPC UA application profiles related to real-time operations on ethernet networks including TSN,
  • definition of certification procedures.

The working groups will closely align with the TSN Profile for Industrial Automation (TSN-IA-Profile) which will be standardized by the IEC/IEEE 60802 standardization group. This will help ensure that a single, converged TSN network approach is maintained so that OPC UA can share one common multi-vendor TSN network infrastructure together with other applications.

This initiative integrates well with existing joint working groups engaged in ongoing companion specification e.g. description of machines.“

Weitere Details sind für den Nachmittag des 27. November angekündigt.

Quelle und weitere Informationen: https://www.openautomation.de/detailseite/new-level-opc-ua-over-tsn.html bzw. https://opcfoundation.org/news/press-releases/opc-foundation-extends-opc-ua-including-tsn-down-to-field-level/





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