CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: FactoryHack2017 in Lemgo, Germany, March 3-5

FactoryHack2017 – It sounds like a criminal act, in reality it is a digital programming festival. At the world’s largest industrial hackathon creative minds from computer and engineering sciences are invited to develop useful, innovative, and entertaining software products using brand-new technologies and materials, all this within 42 hours.

42 hours Hacking Marathon on 12,000 Square Metres
Where can innovative products and software solutions be born and tested more easily than in a real-world production environment? Normally, hackathons take place in a bare warehouse, in Lemgo instead, the SmartFactoryOWL opens its doors. A hacking and event area of more than three football pitches is then available. In the research and development centre CENTRUM INDUSTRIAL IT (CIIT) and the high-tech factory SmartFactoryOWL of the Fraunhofer Society and the OWL University of Applied Sciences, on more than 12,000 square metres the hacker teams will programme real production plants.

Industry meets Digital Natives: Creativity, Cooperation, and Innovations
Face-to-face discussions: More than 300 international programmers, developers, students, and digital natives meet experts from economy, development, and science. Together they will “hack�? on visions and innovations relating to the production of tomorrow.

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Langenbruch 6
D-32657 Lemgo
Phone: +49 (0) 5261 / 920 4250

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